6" Ship Lap: Boards are rabbeted so that the edges of each board lap over the edges of adjacent board to make a flush joint:

  • SQFT: 5

  • Length: 12'

  • Reveal: 5 1/8"

  • Thickness: Based on Finish

Other lengths and profiles such as Tongue and Groove and Square Edge are available as special orders, contact us for more information.


We use sustainably harvested softwoods such as Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar, but Shou Sugi Ban can be applied to a variety of softwood and even some hardwoods!


We use environmentally friendly, natural, non-toxic finishes that contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

All of our Shou Sugi Ban siding comes charred on one side and pre-finished with two coats of sealer on the face and one coat on the back to help protect the char layer and the structural integrity of the wood by limiting water/moisture penetration.

Our finishes seal the charred/brushed surface to prevent soot transfer, increase durability and prolong the life of our products. For interior applications, we recommend adding clear coats on top of the sealer for an additional clean-ability.